Thursday, January 1, 2009

Note Card News

Here are some great ideas for my packs of 6 different note cards made from my oil paintings:
1. Send thank you or special notes on them.
2. Frame them for a small works collection or collage. (They won't fade for a long time.)
3. Gift them, or add them to a gift basket. Great for secretaries or boss days or get well gifts.
4. Use them for favors at a wedding or bridge party. (My Savannah Scenes packs are great
for wedding favors depicting special venues.)
5. Use them for business correspondence with your information &/or logo on the back of each
card (small set up charge).
6. Use them for scrapbooking (they are acid free).
7. Use them for invitations or Christmas cards (small set up charge to print the information
inside the card).

I can make note cards from commissioned paintings, too, for special, individualized stationery.
I have over 20 different themed packages of cards - from beaches to mountains, oceans to lakes, cities to landscapes, people to wildlife. Take your pick! And the best part is the 6 card package with envelopes is only $12.50!!

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